Sunday, June 29, 2014


HEROIC LUMP OF POLYMER CLAY! ...ain't got no junk!

     Jeez, I haven't done anything on this sculpt in months! I lost interest when the soup of life got too chunky to stir (it's early). I'm pecking at it again, trying to get a few of my stray projects buttoned up so I can keep better focus. In the wise words of Dean Bycroft (@BeyondCraft), "Projects are like children. If you have too many they will all starve and die." Also, Conan's a pop character, I'd rather work on my own creatures and stories. Speaking of which...

     I'm leaning towards stop motion puppets for my big fantasy world building idea again. Yeah, I know! I'm wishy washy, my brain spins 'round and 'round (and occasionally squeaks). I just got to thinking that I'm trading in one set of logistical problems for another. Instead of changing the channel, I think I should embrace my limitations in stopmo and learn to work with them. Those limitations being; I'm not a very good animator, I'm impatient, my puppets are tricky to animate.

     The solution; make everything smaller! Small, easy to manipulate puppets use less materials, are easy to reach on a tabletop, and would take less time. If I can remember to keep my expectations realistic, I think I could get my ideas out this way. Maybe. Probably. Well, until I change my mind again.


  1. Haha, you joker. It's true y'know. My poor children.

    Sculpt looks ace. Great chin.

    It's good to hear you're thinking about stop-motion again. Nobody starts out as a good animator, it takes a while. I was mortified at seeing my first few attempts with a puppet - I had more success with blobs of clay. But I was surprised how quickly I improved with a bit of practice. Sadly, haven't had chance to get much more practice in so I'm still not at a proud level. Though I did find it easier animating larger puppets. Maybe you could knock together a couple of quick puppets - one large, one small - and see which you find works best for you...?

    So blitz that soup and keep them kids alive.

    1. (Sorry for a late reply, the soup y'know, she stirs slowly...)

      Thanks, dude! Keen insight as always. Yeah, my imagination tells me that it'll be easy, but once I hit that learning curve I throw my hands up in frustration. I need be have more realistic expectations of my stopmobility.

      And it's funny you mention big and small puppets. I've spent the last week making a variety of sizes, seeing which one is easier to make/easier to work with... it's like you're reading my mind. I'll think of pies : )

  2. That is beautiful. Really love it. Keep up the fantastic work. It's inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much, MV! Great to hear from you!!!

  3. Looks awesome, man! Very heroic.

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