Monday, September 22, 2014


I'm going to try and write something more often. Not on a strict schedule, just more often. It's good to keep the creative tubes open. Cardio for the soul.

I return after a summer-long hiatus to find the hull of my bloggy boat crusted over with spam barnacles. 

Summer was this crazed monster beast thingy that had to be brought down with spears 'n arrows 'n stuff. I really enjoy my work, but all of my free time was spent recovering instead of monster building. But it's all quiet now. A little too... 

During my downtime I jotted down ideas and collected notes like squirrels collect nuts (I even made a nest, I sleep in a mess of crumpled doodles now, it's probably not sanitary), all of my imaginary monster friends are preserved for me when I have the time to shape them.

There were some good adventures too, all of which I'll share in time. I like to give my stories time to set, like a pudding.  My brain is like pudding.  Delicious pudding.

You might notice that I nixed all of my pages and tabs. Don't fret, that's not a permanent change. I just need to freshen things up. 

Thanks for checking in! Peace, Bitches! Wut-Wut!

"Summer is a bully," -- Wayne White
 "You better work!" -- Ru Paul

Sunday, June 29, 2014


HEROIC LUMP OF POLYMER CLAY! ...ain't got no junk!

     Jeez, I haven't done anything on this sculpt in months! I lost interest when the soup of life got too chunky to stir (it's early). I'm pecking at it again, trying to get a few of my stray projects buttoned up so I can keep better focus. In the wise words of Dean Bycroft (@BeyondCraft), "Projects are like children. If you have too many they will all starve and die." Also, Conan's a pop character, I'd rather work on my own creatures and stories. Speaking of which...

     I'm leaning towards stop motion puppets for my big fantasy world building idea again. Yeah, I know! I'm wishy washy, my brain spins 'round and 'round (and occasionally squeaks). I just got to thinking that I'm trading in one set of logistical problems for another. Instead of changing the channel, I think I should embrace my limitations in stopmo and learn to work with them. Those limitations being; I'm not a very good animator, I'm impatient, my puppets are tricky to animate.

     The solution; make everything smaller! Small, easy to manipulate puppets use less materials, are easy to reach on a tabletop, and would take less time. If I can remember to keep my expectations realistic, I think I could get my ideas out this way. Maybe. Probably. Well, until I change my mind again.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


"Oh! Hi!"

     This cute little guy is a mock up for my project, an adaptation of my previous stop-motion puppets. A simple rod puppet with a few posable elements that can change expression from scene to scene. Since it's live puppetry, editing will be part of the equation (stop-marionette? rod-motion?) I tinkered around with green screening the rods out, but I think seeing them manipulate the puppet adds to the charm.

     I'm moving in this direction because stop-motion, though fantastic, just takes too damn long. I'm a slow mover and the thought of putting in the mental effort to animate after a long time building a puppet and set is exhausting. If your drive is to tell stories, then you want to pick the avenue that enables instead of hinders. Fear not, stopmo is still on the menu.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Sure, your workstation is cool. But, is it Ewok head filled with glue gun sticks cool?


     When you think about it, Dr. Who could be an allegory for life. You're you, right? But you're not the same you you used to be. I mean, it was you, but a different you. Get it? You've regenerated. A different version of you with different style, new ideas, and different companions. Just think of all the you's you used to do through high school. Think of all the dumb hats you've worn! 

     I recently scrolled through and reviewed the past 99 posts. There were a few embarrassing moments, but nothing too cringeworthy. Even though I don't get too personal here, It was interesting and cathartic to see all the me's I've been these four plus years.

     When I started this blog I was a me that really wanted to make my own stopmotion puppet project. I still do, in fact. But pursuing the idea has branched into so many things. I kept ratcheting my skills upwards until I could do the stories I wanted to do. 

     There's a bunch of unfinished projects, but I'm ok with that.  I've learned that what's most satisfying to me is getting the idea out and sharing it. I'm not too worried about perfectionism and completion. I don't have to be, I'm not a pro and I'm not selling anything. 

     This has culminated into a loose assemblage of characters and stories that really deserve their own world. 

     So, to let my imagination fly without boundaries, I'm creating a new space (creating a space is what people say when they're just giving themselves permission to do something). Building my own fantasy world with an adventure story running throughout. 

     Before you think that sound too lofty, remember that worlds are limitless and open ended, constantly changing and evolving. Malleable. The creatures, characters, and stories that've dropped into my imagination won't have to wait until I'm in a good head space to work on one project. I can draw, write, paint, sculpt, and build puppets of my world without any pressure of "finishing" anything.

     I said it myself over four years ago (is there anything more bullshitty than quoting yourself?)... 

     "I'm really glad I decided to move away from the idea of one big project to start with. It seems like every day I have a new idea for a story or character. I know I can't develop them all, but that doesn't mean I can't let them play around in my imagination."